Research Laboratory

SGI laboratories are housed in the Krasnow Institute of Advanced Study and is developed to perform research with soils, aggregates, recycle materials, organic contaminants, solid waste, and geosynthetics as is related to geotransportation and geoenvironment. We work with many different tools in our research that are housed in our laboratory. SGI group also utilizes field sites as much as possible based on the content of the performed research. 


Rm 101A (Storage)
Rm 102
Rm 102A
Rm 102B (SGI Mechanical Room)
Rm 103 (SGI Team Faculty Office)
Rm 105 (SGI Team Faculty Office)
Rm 114 (SGI Team Faculty Office)
Rm 116 (SGI Team Faculty Office)
Rm 117
Rm 118A
Rm 118B
Rm 122